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NASEM to fund impaired driving research • Germany hosts global forum • Canada approves Epidiolex • & more …

An excerpt from recent editions of the Cannabis Wire Daily newsletter.

New York

New York Cannabis Regulators Punt on Settlement, Adopt Cannabinoid Hemp Rules

New Yorkers wanting to know more about the settlement of a lawsuit that has upended the industry will have to wait.


New CDC Report Explores Asthma Risks for Cannabis Workers

The CDC, NIOSH, and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health published reports and bulletins this week following their investigations into a cannabis worker’s death in 2022.


Will Legal Cannabis Be on Florida’s 2024 Ballot? State Supreme Court Hears Arguments.

Florida’s Attorney General is making a case in court that a proposed ballot measure is misleading. On Wednesday, several justices didn’t seem moved by the arguments.

United States

Gallup Finds Record 70% of Americans Support Cannabis Legalization 

And, since last year, all political subgroups are in favor, from liberals to conservatives.